Well, 38 or 39 hours anyway, all told.  Including the final 2-hour bus ride from San Francisco Airport to my hometown, where a good friend picked us up and dropped us off at the house.

House still standing, no problemo.  Picked up the everlovin’ dog from another good friend; dog none the worse for wear after 3 weeks away from home.

I realize I was kind of remiss in telling almost no one except immediate family and co-workers, about this little jaunt to Southeast Asia.  I heeded the standard advice about not publishing the fact that our home was going to be vacant for an extended period.

The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away…………………………………………..

One of many cool things Zenmindsword showed me was a simon-simple way to take the measure of my stance; rather than just using the “feels about right” method of the average amateur.  The beauty of it is in the simplicity and complete logic.  It ties in to a discussion about stepping quickly and cleverly.

Typically slap-your-forehead, I-coulda-though-of-that Tai Chi stuff.  Hiding in plain sight in a myriad of data and impressions, there to remain unsolved until someone who really knows, shows.  And even then, still no good unless you can make it a part of you.



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I'm an American who has been interested in Asian martial arts and philosophy for most of my life, and tried to incorporate them into my way of life. For the past ten years or so I've been focusing on Tai Chi Chuan.


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